in kiss: 1972 - present

paul stanley - rhythm guitar / vocals

born  - stanley harvey eisen
birthdate: january 20,1952
born in: queens,new york

paul stanley is the strutter with the starred eye and shiny red lips that seem locked in a perpetual rock-star pout. his "in your face" rythym guitar style and unique vocals are a staple of the kiss sound.

paul was around 7 years old when he started getting into music.
his early musical influences were the beatles, the byrds,
and the yardbirds. paul attended the high school of music
and art in manhattan.

stanley formed kiss with bassist gene simmons in 1972.
he was inducted into the rockwalk of fame in hollywood, california.

kiss releases with paul stanley

***greatest hits and compilations excluded***

kiss (gold), hotter than hell (gold), dressed to kill (gold),
alive! (4xplatinum), destroyer (3xplatinum),
rock and roll over (2xplatinum), love gun (3xplatinum),
alive2 (4xplatinum), paul stanley (platinum), dynasty (3xplatinum),
unmasked (gold), music from the elder (n/a),
creatures of the night (gold), lick it up (platinum),
animalize (2xplatinum), asylum (platinum), crazy nights (platinum),
hot in the shade (platinum), revenge (gold), alive3 (gold),
mtv unplugged (gold), carnival of souls (n/a),
psycho circus (gold)

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