I was always moved by music, but from the moment I saw Angus Young, arm raised triumphantly wielding his red SG, I knew I wanted to play guitar. After dabbling with drums and bass, I decided to take the 6-string more seriously, and the rest, as they say, is history. Thanks to the straight-ahead rock and roll of bands like AC/DC, the Faces and the Stones, as well as the rebellious experimentalism of punk rock and grunge, I planted my flag as a songwriter and on/off frontperson with various seminal bands in Upstate SC. I have played many genres of music over the past 2 decades, from my punk days in Idle Minds to the alt-country/roots group the Fencejumpers , to venturing into metal with Vilified, reaching back into my classic-rock inspirations with Lockbox and most recently channeling my inner-Foo-Fighter with Left of the Dial. Throughout the past several years I have also cemented myself as a solo artist, putting out my first indie album “Starting All Over (All Over Again)”, and to this day continue to contribute to other projects when needed.