I love my GT-6 guitar processor. I highly recommend it to every guitarist, novice to professional. I have created this page to share my self-created and/or modified patches with other guitarists, and also for fans of the band, whom might want to get an "inside" listen to the guitar sounds I use when performing live with "The Oath" and "Party Of Four". These sound samples were performed and recorded by me, straight from my BOSS GT-6 into a computer. All the patches were created and/or modified by me. I hope you enjoy these samples of my GT-6! - ken

****all patch settings and sound clips were updated on April 21, 2005.**** 

 I have recently upgraded to a BOSS GT-8 Processor, 
 and I will be adding my newly created GT-8 patches to the website also. 

On these audio samples, I played my schecter omen 6 guitar, with a dimarzio super distortion pickup in the bridge position, and a dimarzio evolution in the neck position. On the lead guitar samples, I will start with the super distortion, and end with the evolution.

audio sample:    heavy rhythm    patch settings

audio sample:    heavier rhythm    patch settings

audio sample:    heaviest rhythm    patch settings

audio sample:   heavy southern    patch settings

audio sample:    lead 1    patch settings

audio sample:    lead 2    patch settings

audio sample:    lead 3    patch settings

audio sample:    phaser heavy    patch settings

audio sample:    funk wah    patch settings

audio sample:    funk phaser    patch settings

On these next audio samples, I played my gibson les paul, with a dimarzio super distortion pickup in the bridge position, and a seymour duncan invader pickup in the neck position.

audio sample:   chorus delay 1    patch settings

audio sample:   chorus delay 2    patch settings

audio sample:   clean chorus    patch settings

audio sample:   medium blues   patch settings

audio sample:    medium blueslead   patch settings

audio sample:   acoustic   patch settings

audio sample:   acoustic chorus    patch settings

audio sample:   acoustic wet    patch settings

audio sample:   light phaser   patch settings

I've received a few e-mails with some questions about the patches....

Q: I noticed that the sounds you recorded were direct to disk, with no amp.  Can you get the same sounds out of your amp? 

A: The patches do sound good to me through a standard guitar amp, however, live I go from the gt-6 direct to the pa. My band has separate monitor mixes, so I crank the gt-6 through my yamaha 15 inch 2-way monitor. I power it with a qsc 400 power amp. 

Q: I was looking at your settings and didn't see anything there for the global settings. Do you use this section when your eq-ing the overall patch?

A: I really don't use the global feature of the gt-6. I haven't come across the need to do so actually. My live patches seem to work well in small to large clubs, without having to re-eq or change the reverb settings, and they have sounded fine at outdoor shows as well.

Q: I have a question. I notice that there is a beverage on the table beside you in a clear plastic glass. Would you be so kind as to reveal to the music industry what your beverage of choice is when tweaking your gt-6?

A: Beer of course! It puts me in the right gt-6 frame of mind. Also...that is not any average "plastic glass". It is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer Super Bowl XXXVII Beer Glass. Go Bucs!

Q: I've enjoyed the sounds I've gained through your assistance. I've found your directions easy to follow and the sound very nice. Have you ever illustrated sounds of certain musicians? For example, some of the sounds I'm trying to emulate are Clapton, Page, and Schenker. I realize some songs have certain sounds, but I'm looking for the basic sound of each artist.

A: I'm glad the web page was of some help to you. I'm not sure if you know about it, but a GREAT website to go to find and download patches created to sound like other players is BOSS GT CENTRAL. They have some excellent patches created by GT-6 owners. It's also a terrific site for information on BOSS GT PROCESSORS. And, it has a kickin' Message Board. Check it out!

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