the lynn chronicles

chapter 5

both kiss and the oath have changed over the years.
the oath became a four piece in 1996
with the addition of tony gardo on keyboards/sax.

and, of course,
tony puts kiss make-up on for all our halloween gigs.

we also occasionally play under the name...

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robbie left the group in late 1998 to pursue other interests.
we wish him the best...

enter the next member of the oath / party of four...
joey jackson.

hear joey jackson's debut recording with the oath.
these songs are on the oath's cd
"realistic dreamers".

joey jackson - guitar/ vocal

tony gardo - keyboards/ vocal

lynn i. swanger-drums/ vocal

ken swanger-bass guitar/ vocal

nightmare in sound
piece of my heart
without you (everything's crazy)
party down easy
wax that ass
get off my back
i never cry
down and dirty
cold beer

what else is in the future?
well, i don't have a crystal ball but....

the earth will become unbearably warm. the surface will turn toastly black from the approaching scorching sun. slowly the people will migrate in groups into tunnels dug deep beneath the earth's surface. the oceans, now shallow and evaporating, will boil from the heat of the sun. a new life below, a new civilization, all people will be equal. all will be truly equal, all are to become one. one strong united band of the human race--the race of lynn. material possessions and prestige will no longer matter. all things will be equal and at one with each other. all will be lynn-- all things lynn--all places lynn. the old earth expired, the new just dawning. in the years to come the people will dream of the day they will return to the surface and reclaim their domain, but under a stronger reign--the reign, the power, the strength and desire of lynnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

(or maybe not)

to lynn's kiss dominion