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   lynn's kiss dominion

     this site will showcase kiss and a true kiss fan!


lynn i.swanger, born 9/23/65, in greenville s.c, is a
major kiss fan.
actually, that's an understatement.
she's a fanatic.
since her first kiss concert in 1979,
she has never let up.
when the movie
"kiss meets the phantom of the park"
was pre-empted by local elections,
lynn called the station over and over until they replayed it.
when ace was playing in atlanta,ga.,
lynn didn't let a blizzard stop her from going.
she slid all the way there.
at one concert,
gene made the mistake of placing his foot on the monitor
by the edge of the stage,
and lynn nearly dragged him off-stage by his bootchain.
(gene loved it.)
these are just a few examples...

welcome to
lynn's kiss dominion

and step into the mind of a true kiss fan!


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